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Planning on heading out into the sun this July and August? Do you know which SPF you should be using for your skin type? It's no secret that we tend to overlook SPF as an imperative step in our skincare routines, but protecting your skin from harmful UV rays will have your skin (and your future self!) thanking you. It's time to put down the factor 15 supermarket sunscreen and find a product that not only protects you from the sun, but also works WITH your skin type, texture and tone. I've put together my list of top picks and some of my cult favourites that I'll be keeping in my handbag all year round.

nothing looks better in your fifties, than sunscreen in your twenties


When it comes to oily or breakout prone skin, the products and combinations you use really do matter. If your skin is prone to a mini freak out whenever you introduce a new step into your skin routine, a lightweight SPF is the way to go. Those with oiler skin types tend to stay away from heavy SPF's or skip the step altogether, thanks to many experiences with greasy, pore clogging formulas.

But, I'm here to get you off the 'anti-SPF' train and introduce you to some lightweight, mattifying SPF's that will have you rethinking your preconceptions and ultimately revitalise your daily skincare routine,.


Dry skin types also need a certain kind of lovin' when it comes to picking your SPF formula. Hydrating, nourishing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids will be come your new best friend, helping your skin to stay 'flake-free' all day long.


Generally being more prone to sunburn and highly sensitive to UV rays, having sensitive skin means including a good SPF into your routine is so, so important. Although, finding gentler products can be a little tricky - the ingredients in most chemical SPF's tend to cause irritation on most sensitive skin. The trick is to go for more mineral based sun screen that will be moisturizing and don't contain any nasties that may cause irritation.


If you're a little oily in the t-zone but also prone to some dry areas, finding an SPF to settle the balance is the main goal with combination skin types. You need a product that'll tackle your dry areas without producing an excess of moisture that'll cause havoc for your oilier areas.


Struggling to find an SPF that is lightweight and doesn't leave a ghostly white-cast? Most SPF's aren't designed with darker skin tones in mind (which is a whole other conversation...) so will leave a shiny, white residue on your face and body which can be quite noticeable.

A quick absorbing SPF with a light gel consistency is adaptable to many different skin tones. A few that I love for their rapid absorbing powers are


It's nothing new that skin prep is super important when applying make up, we use numerous moisturisers, serums, eye creams, primers and sprays before starting our daily make up, but SPF can sometimes be forgotten during all that prep.

Using SPF under your make up will enable you to be protected from the sun without using any new make up products that specifically contain UV protection qualities. Investing in a good under-makeup SPF will mean you're free to change up your make up as desired without worrying about SPF protection, as it'll all be taken care of.

These are my favourites


A SPF face mist is an absolute must have for me in the summer months, just pop it in your bag and reapply as needed throughout the day. Make sure to choose a mist that has enough UV protection power to keep you protected all day. But remember, this isn't a replacement for your everyday liquid sun screen, you ideally need a combination of both to battle those powerful UV rays.


I know, I know, we all hate that horrible, sticky sun cream feeling after drowning our bodies in enough SPF to last the day. But, it doesn't always have to be a greasy mess; choosing a lightweight formula that sinks into your skin quickly is a must have for those beach days when you just don't want sand sticking to your hands and somehow making it into your sandwiches.


So with all of those options above, I know there's a lot, here are five that I'm loving right now. I have normal skin so these won't fit into all the categories above but they do fit into the "invisible" and "best under makeup" because that's mostly what I look for when choosing for my skin type, that and hydrating!

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