Donna Bartoli

This week I completed a juice cleanse, in fact, it was a juice cleanse with a difference. Radiance Juice cleanses have partnered with the South African based skincare brand Esse to combine the benefits of organic juice and probiotic skincare. They believe this combination will help you achieve beautiful, glowing skin because, as I firmly believe what you put inside is what you’re going to get out.

Your skin is an ecosystem. We are seeding and feeding the skin with nutrients

About Radiance Juices

As well as organic being a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly form of farming, Radiance’s cleanses are certified organic by the soil association meaning that every juice you receive are as nutritious as possible and will benefit your body’s natural detoxification processes.

An interesting fact shows that organic fruit and vegetables contain more antioxidants than non-organic as well as lower concentrations of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal cadmium


Juice fasting gives your body a rest from digesting food plus cleansing with juices made from colourful, organic fruit and vegetables nourishes your insides with skin-friendly vitamins and antioxidants, can you see the connection?

Radiance juices are 100% raw which is especially important for a skin-focused cleanse because the most beneficial nutrients, such as Vitamin C and bioflavonoids can be completely destroyed by heat and it also goes without saying that juices are exceptionally hydrating, helping to keep your skin looking plump and radiant.

About Esse skincare

You know already that I’m a firm believer in how our skin looks is directly related to our health and wellness, it really goes without saying that a poorly nourished, fatigued or stressed body will show up on our skin and also contributes to how our skin ages.

Esse are all about taking care of your microbiome through the power of probiotics. Probiotics can help change the ecology of the skin, if your skin has a good diversity of microbes, then it will be better hydrated and firmer with fewer fine lines and wrinkles appearing. If your skin lacks good microbes, bad bacteria can grow in numbers causing the skin barrier function to weaken and the skin to become sensitive, reactive and dehydrated.

They are also certified organic by Ecocert, who check every ingredient Esse use and make sure they are traceable to the organic farmer. Plus, ensuring that all their packaging is carefully thought through and are sustainable.

Their partnership with radiance juicing, therefore, makes so much sense to me and gave me a chance to pair back and concentrate on a simpler routine for a few days.

The Cleanse

I started this cleanse on a Tuesday, thinking that during the week is always a better time as there’s always a temptation of wine or food over the weekend. I also think that choosing to do this in the summer months is perfect because we tend to eat less when it’s hot. Radiance offers this as a three day cleanse or a five, I did the three.

I was sent a pre-cleanse checklist which gave me a few pointers on how to best prepare for the cleanse in terms of eating and drinking etc. I’m already a non-meat eater so crossed that off the list but just really concentrating on getting my 1litre of water in a day and lots of simple salads and steamed veggies. My diet is very carb-based, rice pasta and potatoes feature daily so I tried to cut down on this for a few days leading up to it.

It also recommended some self-care practices which also feature heavily in my day-day life, dry body brushing, bathing with Epsom salts and less exercise (this wasn’t hard) so I felt fully prepared and continued with this throughout the cleanse.

You are sent 15 juices, 5 per day and they range from green, veggie, fruit and veggie and a cashew milk one. They come with a daily schedule to help you plan out when to drink, I stuck to these times

9:30am - Juice 1 - Vital Green: cucumbers, apples, spinach, limes, parsley

12:30pm - Juice 2 - Beauty: pomegranate, orange, beetroot, carrots, apple, coconut water

3:30pm - Juice 3 - Cashew Milk: cashews, maple syrup, coconut butter, filtered water, himalayan pink salt

6:30pm - Juice 4 - Vibrant Veg: carrots, celery, red pepper, apples, lemons

8:30pm - Juice 5 - Power Green: cucumbers, pears, wheatgrass, spinach, celery, lemon

Out of all of them, I found the green juices the hardest to get through, I have no idea why as I’m a green juice person at home. Radiance also give you a little tip when a whole day of cold juice gets too much is to take them out of the fridge half an hour before drinking just to take the chill off, it makes a big difference. My favourite was the Cashew Milk (all vegan, dairy and nut free) and one I looked forward to drinking every day, it also certainly helped fill me up which wasn’t something I thought of but did find I needed come 3 pm.

Was I hungry? I won’t lie and say I wasn’t but I wasn’t ravenous. It's that mind over matter thing, isn't it? I'd invested myself into doing the cleanse so the food or lack of just wasn't an issue, I thought about the bigger picture and the results I wanted to see or feel from it. I think I just craved food more and the sweeter kind but again gave me time to think that this might be something I need to address going forward. Your body only craves what it’s used to being given and the wrong kind of sugar is not something I should be craving for.

On day two I found I had a headache that started and progressively got worse throughout the day but the team at Radiance, who are always on hand for support suggested that I drink my normal green tea which helped massively. I drink around 8-10 cups of green tea a day so completely cutting this out gave my body quite a shock. I did feel quite lethargic on this day too and for the most part, found it a struggle to get through

Day 3 however was much better and I started to feel light inside, my mental clarity was a lot better too. I get quite fatigued around mid-day and honestly, this didn’t happen at all. This cleanse advises you to rest but I felt I had more energy than normal.

I found that spacing the juices out how I did helped me to visualise eating breakfast lunch and dinner, it sounds silly but it worked a treat, I sat down to drink them at these times. I filled the other hours with lot’s of water, herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile plus the extra juice shot that comes with the cleanse. I was drinking and peeing a lot! All good though as I can honestly say my body should be free of A LOT of toxins.

My Tips

1 - Be prepared - this cleanse is not something to take lightly, plus it’s a monetary investment so really plan when and how you’re going to do it. It’ll help you make sure you complete it in it’s entirety

2 - Buy in lots of bottles water. I drank around 2 litres of water a day over the 3 day period so be prepared and fill the fridge.

3 - Be mindful - It’s important to remember why you’ve invested into this cleanse so take the 3 or 5 days and really focus on you as a whole rather than grabbing a quick juice out of the fridge, It will make all the difference

4 - Have a green tea or something with caffeine in if you need it, it really helped alleviate my headache.

And now for the skincare part

As you know, skincare is my thing so pairing back was a little harder for me than not eating anything for three days but I wanted to put my all into this cleanse. Along with the juices you get the Esse sensitive cleanser and the resurrect serum and both products have been selected as the perfect accompaniments to nourish and balance the skin.

I'm not new to the Esse brand I happen to be a fan of the sensitive cleanser, it’s just so beautifully gentle on the skin. It’s packed with probiotic extracts to feed that good bacteria plus organic aloe vera gel to soothe sensitivity if you have it.

The resurrect serum is another product I’ve used before. It’s very hydrating and leaves the skin plump and dewy, like drinking juice but on the outside. It’s formulated with level 2 + 3 probiotics and prebiotics which signal your skin cells to improve barrier function and trans-epidermal water loss.

I cut out all of my active ingredients and just stuck to cleansing, serum and moisturiser morning and evening but continued with my highly important SPF.

Is my skin radiant? Absolutely, it’s shining from the inside out and my body and gut just feel lighter and healthier and I like how anyone of any skin type can take part in this cleanse with results that will 100% be an improvement.

The Natural Beauty Cleanse also includes an Esse skin consultation to enhance your results, I didn't use this part of the cleanse as I'm pretty ok with how my skin is generally but I'd highly recommend taking advantage of this if you want to do the cleanse.


So that’s it guys, the Natural Beauty Cleanse from my experience. I’ve never done a juice cleanse before, nor ever wanted to but something just called to me about this one and I’m so glad I answered. I think it’s something I’m going to continue doing every now and again, I really couldn’t recommend it enough. Just for transparency this cleanse was sent to me to trial and I am under no obligation to post about it, I also didn’t pay for it but like I said, I will be going forward when I choose to do it again.

I will leave a link for the cleanse here if you’re looking to try it yourself and if you do, please let me know how you get on