Donna Bartoli

Prioritizing your wellness will ultimately help you to keep your mental, emotional and physical needs in check. By making a few small changes to your everyday lifestyle, you can start to centralize your wellbeing, develop healthy habits and maintain a beneficial daily routine – effectively helping you succeed in your personal and professional life simultaneously. I’ve put together some of my top tips and easy steps to make room for mindfulness in your busy schedule.

by making a few small changes, you can start to centralise your own well-being


Taking some time for yourself at the start of each day can help you begin your day with a fresh, positive mindset. While meditation isn’t a quick fix, it can certainly provide some much-needed space and self-awareness in your life.

Top Tip – introduce a 5-minute meditation in the morning or evening and slowly increase over time as you begin to train your mind.


Just 10 minutes a day can relieve tension, increase blood flow and improve posture, especially good if you’re working from home. Start building a daily stretching routine for any problem areas and stick to it!


Drinking adequate water every day will help to flush out toxins, aid mental fatigue and give your complexion a real boost. You can track your daily water intake on various mobile apps to ensure you stay on track.


Take the stress out of planning what to eat every day by prepping your meals the day before, it’s become a real game-changer for me and ensures I’m getting all the healthy nutrients I need. Sit down with a diary and plan some exciting meals for the week; this will also help you plan your shopping trips to reduce any potential waste or overspending.


Even just putting your screens away for an hour every day can be extremely beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. Start by setting time boundaries on social media apps to limit aimless scrolling; using your phone for a specific, beneficial purpose will give you more hours in the day to complete meaningful tasks.

So there you have it, some of my easy steps to promote wellness in your everyday life. Remember to start slow and introduce small changes over time; jumping in at the deep end right away may have an adverse effect. Keep things gradual and just watch how you begin to flourish!