Donna Bartoli

I think the best way to approach supplements and whether you need them in your daily routine is to first and foremost look at your diet, you’ve heard, and will continue to hear me say this time and time again.

Once you’ve established what you need and don’t need in terms of Macro & Micronutrients plus Vitamins and Minerals you can start to look at the other issues that supplementation can help with like hormonal or overall health.

If you’re unsure whether you are lacking in nutrients I advise having a blood test done, I’ve used the MediChecks Nutrition Blood Test before and it’s super accurate. It’s an easy ‘at home’ finger prick test you can send off and all the results will be emailed to you. It’s not a free service but it isn’t an expensive one either, I will leave the link for it below, new sign up’s get 10% off too so don’t forget to take advantage of that.


Once you have your results, figured out what other health issues you need to supplement you then need a way of keeping tabs on your diet I like to use an App called Cronometer. It’s a great way to track your nutrition, calories (if you want to), daily habits, meals and exercise.

Supplementation, for your self is an understanding about you and what you need personally. There are far too many ‘buzzwords’ and ‘trends’ you can easily fall into when it comes to this topic so my greatest advice is to know what you need and forget the hype!